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Power Tools - Cordless Tools - Electric Tools

Our tools supply store and warehouse is physically located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Ram Tool has served the great state of Indiana for nearly 70 years. We take orders from local Indianapolis customers, from regional customers dispersed throughout the state of Indiana, and we ship tools nation-wide to customers in all 50 states! Ram Tool & Supply has the power tools, power tool accessories and jobsite equipment that you need for your projects. We now offer the added convenience of buying our tools online as well as at our local tool store whenever you need a laser, router, generator, flashlight, air compressor or any other power tool or piece of jobsite equipment. Ram Tool & Supply specializes in providing you with durable, reliable, affordable and brand-name power tools, tool parts, tool accessories, and job site equipment. So, whether you visit us at our store, call us and order by phone, or shop on our website for the tools online you need, we are here to serve you and to help you select the right power tools for your job.

Tool Accessories: With everything from an abrasive or a bit set, to a wide variety of any battery or charger you could need, our tool accessories and tool parts will increase the functionality of your power tools and give you the capability to complete an expanded variety of projects!

Air Tools: An air compressor and air nailer are two of the most versatile air tools you can have in your tool arsenal. These air power tools make many complicated jobs easy again. Plus, a portable air compressor can power hundreds of different power tools.

Generators: A generator will give you a power supply when your others have failed you or are unavailable. Reliable, long-lasting and powerful, our portable generators are the best way to power your electric tools at your job site or to keep your home or business running after an electrical failure.

Job Site Security: Since job site security is of paramount importance, we offer a cutting edge alarm system to protect the power tools and equipment at your job site. Our wireless alarm systems can alert you of vibration, an increase or decrease in temperature, tampering and door contact through e-mails or text messages.

Measuring Tools: Laser measurers and laser rangefinders are the fastest, most accurate measuring tools available. These measuring tools are simple to use and can measure any length, width or height that you need in just seconds. Take advantage of this innovative laser technology and see the difference it can make in your projects!

Power Tools: Our large variety of both cordless tools and electric tools ensures that you will find the perfect power tool for the job. Our power tools allow you to work with more accuracy, speed and strength so that you can make the most of your time.

Cordless Tools: Our cordless tools give you the ability to walk wherever you want with your power tool without the aggravation of tripping over cords or pulling out extension cords! Buy cordless tools online and experience the freedom of being unleashed! Our cordless power tools are engineered with ease of use in mind.

Electric Tools: Electric tools are reliable, durable and hardworking power tools with a never-ending stream of power so that you don't have to interrupt your work flow to change or recharge batteries. Your electric tool is so powerful that it will never stop until you do.

Pressure Washers: A pressure washer can clean the grit, filth and grime off of almost any surface in no time! Our pressure washers are so simple to use: just turn the engine on, aim and spray. With a cleaning method this proficient, you will be looking for reasons to whip out your electric pressure washer!

Whether you use power tools everyday for your job or just occasionally for projects around the house, Ram Tool & Supply has a large variety of the best tools and brands so you can be well-equipped to power through your next project.